Fear My Heart Story

Achieving goals requires great strength, commitment, courage, risk, and pure determination but mostly it requires HEART. When becoming the very best is your only destination and your goals are feats that few would aspire, HEART becomes the most necessary ingredient.
Anything is attainable with HEART.
Your finest moments are here and now.
Draw strength through your HEART and your competitor’s notice.
Of all your strengths it is your HEART that they must FEAR.
FEAR MY HEART is our battle cry. Make it yours.
FEAR MY HEART originated when Kris George and Carl Jocumsen began their athletic careers. They were both mocked and doubted for setting such lofty goals.
They quickly determined achievement would require more than effort. HEART was the component most needed.
Both Kris and Carl ultimately achieved their goals and credit their HEART.
Now, their competitors FEAR their HEART. They acknowledge its strength.
Today is the day that you dig deep and tap into the ultimate resource. Tap into your HEART and soon your competitors will learn to FEAR it.